Wednesday, 13 January 2010

speaking of community...

Yesterday, I found this comment on my blog, obviously left by a troll (or someone who really doesn’t like Valentines):

"I read your blog. I think you are a terrible person – keep it up and you’ll be hated by the letterpress community.”
I left it out of the comments on that post, since it obviously wasn’t meant to further the conversation.

While I don’t plan on giving every negative comment its own blog post, something occurred to me as I was filtering out this one: I have readers who are bloggers themselves. I wonder how they deal with negative comments on their blogs.

So how do you deal with negative comments on your blog? Do you just hit the delete button, or do you follow an elaborate process? Do you try to contact the person who sent the comment (sometimes difficult since trolls like to remain anonymous)? Maybe you have a list of self-affirmations listed beside your computer screen that you use to cool down. Or do you opt for some backtalk? Even if you don’t have a blog, everyone’s had their share of troll encounters. What are your tips and tricks for dealing with negativity?


jax said...

What a strange comment to make!! I've never had negative feedback left on my blog (but maybe the troll will leave me some now :)
How frustrating the troll remained anonymous, when you'll be left wondering what was meant by the strange remark. Being part of the letterpress community, who on the hole are a helpful and very friendly bunch, I find your blog inspiring and informative, so just hit the delete button think of all the good comments you get and all the nice people you have met through letterpress and carry on the good work! Trolls are not worth it :)

Anonymous said...

I am in disbelief that someone left such a terrible comment, what do they think they're accomplishing? I think its amazing that you are doing something that you love so much and share with others in the community who can learn from and share things with you.

Good for you for addressing the troll!

Knotted Nest said...

That is horrible. What kind of a person would do such a thing!?!

Just know that many of us really enjoy your blog and are inspired by the beautiful things you create.

Mo said...

That is absolutely ludicrous. Especially because they are such a coward that they won't say who they are when spouting such nonsense.

I wouldn't put much stock in it, what they said doesn't even make sense.

Your blog is lovely! Keep it up.

melissa said...

that is awful. i had an old blog before where someone had left a pretty scathing comment. i didn't delete the comment, but addressed the person in a blog post.
usually these spiteful commenters and "anonymous" are just jealous. deep down inside they know that you have a nice blog and that you have awesome letterpress talent, but just don't know how to live with that.

i wouldn't delete it next time. the best way to get back at someone is to just smile and move on and not care. that would frustrate them more. :)

your blog and your work are lovely, tanya. :)

snap + tumble said...

Jax - good to confirm that the troll doesn't speak on behalf of the letterpress community! You keep up the good work too!

loudange - maybe he/she had a bad day, who knows. only thing accomplished was making a fool out of him/herself.

Knotted Nest - not sure what kind of a person but not someone I'd like to have tea with :)

Mo - it's easy to say harsh things with the security of anonymity. But it's also quite easy to smile at :)

Melissa - thanks for sharing a similar experience and your approach to it. Perhaps the commenter is jealous or has a grudge or is a copy cat - that alone must be frustrating for him/her.

Thank you, everyone, for commenting. Hopefully the culprit will have moved on.

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