Tuesday, 5 January 2010

letterpress curiosity workshop: press + paper update

Over the holidays I re-calibrated the Adana so it could get some action in the Letterpress Curiosity Workshops. This means, each participant in a workshops will be able to use either press (which also means less idling and more printing time!).

There comes a certain satisfaction from tuning up the presses. With a little bit of elbow grease, both presses now operate ever so smoothly. A change of tympan and new grids on platens - the CMC and Adana are ready to go for the winter workshops.

Also new to the workshops are the availability of paper which can be purchased. A past participant suggested that I offer cardstock to participants to ensure they'll be using the right kind of paper to get optimal results. When participants register for a workshop, I send them details which outline a list of letterpress appropriate papers to bring with them. On the list is Somerset, Arches, BFK, Fabriano, Lettra, Maidstone and Canson. These are but a few that I researched and found to give excellent results for letterpress printing. I've now got packets of Canson in sizes 4.25x5.5 or 4x6 pre-cut for purchase (one packet of 20 sheets per participant while quantities last). These packs are to augment what participants already plan to bring, as 20 sheets will not be nearly enough to print with. So, I do suggest getting out there and immersing yourself in the cardstock aisle. But for some convenience, I've got the packets to offer.

I hadn't initially set out to offer paper because sourcing it on your own is part of the whole experience of letterpress printing. Every part of the process is integral to getting that fine print. Talking with the Wolfitt's representative, feeling the weights and textures of different types of paper, and choosing your price point are all good ways to get ready for the workshop. I'm of the mind that no technique, tool, material or part of the process is inconsequential.


melissa said...

i'd love to see more pictures of your workspace. that wall of prints is awesome.
i noticed the love+rummage trunk show button on your sidebar! i am hoping i will be able to make it to that one, then i can finally meet you!

alexandria said...

Very exciting news. I can tell you put so much thought into your work and it's truly a love of the art you make. So very gorgeous.

snap + tumble said...

Melissa - come on out to Scarborough for a workshop and step into my small printery ;) And yes, please do say hello if you stop by the trunk show!

Alexandria - Thank you. I am very lucky to have found something I am so passionate about.

Biz said...

Oh my, I can't wait for February to come!

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