Wednesday, 16 December 2009

thank you {soft grey + pale yellow}

snap & tumble is going to one of 20 Etsy sellers to be featured at the January 2010 The Wedding Show put on by the good people of The Wedding Co. In it's ninth year, the show has added The Handmade Stand which is dedicated to handmade goods that are all things wedding-related. After the show, the handmade items will be given away to The Wedding Company blog readers.

There's a definite movement towards including specialty handmade wares in weddings, and I am all for encouraging and supporting that idea. Kudos to The Wedding Co. team and Catherine Lash for sharing and embracing the handmade!

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r= said...

that's amazing tanya!!! the colours of that card + envelope is amazing!! they are probably my favorite combination ever!!!

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