Friday, 18 December 2009

letter love fridays + a token of thanks

How did it get to end of the year so quickly? The last six months have been a roller coaster ride of fortunate and timely events. Having been laid off from my job in the summer to switching gears in the fall and offering the first of the Letterpress Curiosity Workshops, I've seen a growing number of people in support of my small printery. As a token of thanks, I've collected a bundle of my letterpress printed cards (17 of them!) and extra special goods to giveaway to a lucky reader!

All you've got to do in the comments area is share one great thing that's happened to you in the past year. Be it an adventure, a memorable meal, a gesture of kindness, or getting a handwritten letter in the mail, anything goes! A comment (with a valid email address) will be chosen at random on Friday December 25 at 8am EST. Good luck and have a handmade weekend :)

NB: Thank you to those who have already entered comments - there are a couple of you who haven't made your email address available to me (you may send it to me at if you'd like) and I'd hate to not be able to include you in the draw because of it. So remember to give me your email address - it'll be the only way for me to contact you if you've won! :)


Dude said...

Tanya, you are so positive! I love it! :) The most positive thing that happened to me this year was being told I was going to have a baby! After being told by doctor after doctor since the time I was 16 that I'd probably face infertility when I was ready to have a child, I got pregnant, naturally. The best gift ever!

Anne said...

A nice surprise for me this year was discovering that people's enthusiasm for good book/projects and objects on paper by emerging artists hasn't waned despite the crummy economic times.

With less disposable income, the fact that there are others out there who still choose to support local artists is really encouraging.

(new, indie publisher)

r= said...

whoa! this is sooo great tanya!
i hope i win! hehehe jokes!

omgosh, ummm just one great thing??? that's a tough one, i have a lot to be thankful for this year - it had it's definite big ups...and definitely tough times...i'm ready for a new year!

thanks for a lovely giveaway!

merium said...

The best thing that happened to me this year~my miracle child, my dream come true, graduated from high school and the whole family gathered here for it!

angelune said...

your cards are beautiful!
There are so many great things in my life - friends, family, my dog, the local craft community. I did meet my wonderful boyfriend this summer, so that is one great thing that has happened this year.

Joseph + Jaime said...

So glad that our little business has started to slowly grow this year..

pebbledash said...

How lovely! One of the best things has been making a true friend out of a blog friend. Bliss!

Happy Christmas to you!

Diana x

Anonymous said...

One great thing, traveling to New Zealand, getting off the plane, seeing my very best friend leaning against a pole waiting for me at the gate. A top moment in all my years actually

Celine said...

Tanya! I don't think I could ever handle what you went through this year! Truely truely amazing! I admire you so much! Your passion really shows through your work!

So many good things happened in 2009!! We went on an amazing road trip! I took tons of pictures this year (and hopefully more next year), and of course, we are moving to our first house!!!

hope you had a great weekend Tanya!

roisin said...

who doesn't love all things paper?

one of the most wonderful things to happen to me this year was traveling back out to Halifax for the Halifax Crafters show. we started as eight or nine people in a bar on a Saturday, four years ago, and now it has grown into 70 people in a huge hall, and all still volunteer run! what a great feeling, to look around that show and to think that I had a hand in helping 70 crafters try their hand at making a living through handmade craft.

happy christmas!

thislovelycity said...

Oh how exciting! Thank you for hosting such a great giveaway! I found you through Twitter... yay! I just love your blog!


alexandria said...

I'm so glad to have found out about your blog and shop. It sounds like you have had unexpected events this year and having managed them beautifully. I think two of the nicest things that I've done this year is cooking more and sharing that food with others and also taking polaroids for the first time.

Knotted Nest said...

What a lovely offer Tanya!

2009 was both my best and worst year yet. After recovering from surgery in the beginning of the year, I jumped on a train and went exploring in Canada. I got to check something off my life's "to do" list! Beautiful.

Happy Holidays.

sweetie pie press said...

this year, i got to have all sorts of adventure but that happens a lot in my life. actually, all things considered, 2009 was a hard year. if there is one thing i am thankful for, it is coming through it all relatively unscathed with the companionship of my loved ones.

also, i got a copy of that article!

and my email address is in my profile.

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