Wednesday, 7 October 2009

sweet + sticky

My brother's friend came to visit from Japan and I jumped at the chance of asking him to bring back some deco tape for me. He asked a local friend of his who frequents the stationery shops to pick up a selection. And instead of reimbursing her, she only asked for a couple of packages of Reese's Pieces in return. A sweet trade, I say.


chucksdaisies said...

Those are so lovely! I love japanese masking tape. :)

roisin said...

oh, so lovely! I need to pester my brother in Japan for more beautiful things like this.

arounna said...

oh how much I love mt from Japan...nice trade.

super excited for the workshop!
...coming solo :)

Aleksandra said...

I love those things!! I remember me and you talking about these at work. I still need to get my hands on them but they're SOOOO expensive. Grr.

I am making homemade gifts for everyone this year for the holidays so I still have some time to find more affordable options. :)

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