Monday, 19 October 2009

letterpress curiosity workshop: meet my press

I'm a matchmaker. I introduce my press to participants in the Letterpress Curiosity workshops, and it's love at first sight. The ink hasn't even been mixed, they barely know each other and yet there's an instant connection. Plans for the future have already been made.

Arounna, silk-screen artist and one half of bookhou, joined the workshop and was smitten by it. Like 95% of my workshop participants, Arounna hadn't ever used a table-top press before and she soaked up my techniques and process. Her least favorite part - puzzling with the furniture to lock in the forme in the chase. She used the metal type to print some cards that say "thanks" and "peace".

Even the Adana got some action and made some blind impressions.

Lisa at the press. She was slightly concerned about the paper she brought because it wasn't one of the letterpress-appropriate papers listed for the workshop. Still, it was over 260gsm and a hot press stock. The Deserres sales rep assured her all was good, and in fact, it was perfect paper to print with.

Claudia (who drove all the way from Hamilton!) went home with personal printed stationery complete with monogram envelopes.

Claudia setting up for registration to print one of her favorite sayings, which has now become one of mine...

I take full responsibility for my participants becoming hooked. If you gotta covet something, may as well be something darling, like letterpress.