Wednesday, 28 October 2009

hard pressed to find letterpress

One of the LCW participants, Sandi, suggested that I visit the St. Jacob's antique market in Waterloo and check out the woodblock type she found there. After an hour and a half drive, I was saddened to see very little in the way of letterpress equipment. I only came home with a tiny block engraved with what might look like a cut of a gas station. The remainder of the blocks were of a few punctuation marks; not what I was searching for. So I moved on and still enjoyed the other wonderful antiques the market had to offer. I stumbled upon a type tray large enough to accommodate the existing wood type I own. I also managed to grab a retro coffee tin and an old index card holder. Not a complete loss, I'd say. I'd definitely go back when the summer farmer's market is in full swing again. Thanks for the tip Sandi, I'll try my luck again!


Sandi said...

awwww. That sucks Tanya! When I was there there were quite a few more things, even trays for fonts! I wonder if someone snatched them up :(. There is a large antique market in Cambridge at Southworks that takes me hours to go through, but I am not positive of how much letterpress stuff there is, but it's cool regardless, especially the antique clock section!! I will cross my fingers for you next time!

snap + tumble said...

Hi Sandi - oh, the type trays were everywhere but no font to fill them up! I may have to try Cambridge next time :)

Sandi said...

:) fun!!

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