Wednesday, 24 June 2009

wedding invitations: how to make it a smooth process


5x7 invitation + 4x6 rsvp postcard + envelope
blind deboss and ink on Lettra Pearl White

"Selecting the invitations has been one of the most enjoyable parts of the process yet."

These were the kind words of my most recent client Natalie. I'm hoping for her and other couples in wedding planning mode that every aspect of it is just as pleasant.

Want to have a smooth and pleasurable wedding invitation experience like Natalie and Ryan? Here are a few tips:

Choose a Delegate
Ryan took the lead in communications with me, while keeping Natalie in the loop, so there was never any confusion over with whom I should confer.

Have a Concept
Though Ryan and Natalie had different ideas on what they wanted, both came to the table with open minds. He liked retro modern, she preferred classic traditional. Their only firm request was that it be clean, simple and calm. Though this might sound like a nightmare to some, I was excited to get the chance to bridge the two styles. Their concepts of what they wanted gave me a starting place and some criteria against which to judge my designs.

Be Decisive and Act Quickly
Because they contacted me as soon as possible, I was able to accommodate them even though I had a number of projects on the go. I cautioned them that should they want their invitation suite 6-8 weeks before the wedding, then things had to move swiftly. All parties were in agreement and we had a consultation within a few days. The emails about design, proofs and copy as well were responded to in a timely manner ensuring that we were on schedule.

Trust Your Designer/Printer
Natalie and Ryan chose me to print their invitation suite for reasons that included my style based on work of mine they'd already seen. They didn't just want a product, they wanted a service. This didn't mean they handed over all creative control, but instead took advantage of my knowledge and gave way to my personal aesthetic bend. This resulted in a happy couple with invitations they collaborated on and a letterpress printer loving what she does.

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