Thursday, 16 April 2009

reintroducing the save-the-date

Just putting some feelers out there to engaged couples who are thinking about having letterpress printed stationery for their wedding. I've spoken to some couples who love the idea of letterpress but had to seek other options that were within their budget. I got to thinking about save-the-date cards and wondered if these might be an affordable way to satisfy the letterpress fix. While save-the-dates may not be the main feature that an invitation is, a little bit of letterpress still goes a long way to making an impression. What do you think?

I've put up a poll to gauge the interest in letterpress printed Save The Date, flat cards. The idea is to have these postcard-size or smaller, with a generous area for couples to hand write the wedding date and or individual messages to the recipient. Mail, anticipation of a wedding, a handwritten note and letterpress...a sweet combination.

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