Saturday, 25 April 2009

the photographer and the printer

One of the perks to having a BFF who's a photographer is that you can get phenomenal product shots of your crafty wares! My oldest and dearest friend, Ingrid, came by today to take some shots of me at the press. It was such a treat because she hadn't seen me print before and got a behind-the-scenes look at what letterpress was all about. I even got her to take a pull at the press to get the ink lay down on cardstock. It was probably more for me to see her smile at the newly pressed print. I was also pretty excited as she set up her equipment all the while wondering, how is she going to make my mess of a tiny studio look great? Well, she's a pro, she's got an eye for detail and she loves what she does.

Flat note cards and bookmarks in Ice Blue

If you're looking for a Toronto-based photographer for products shots for promo materials or catalogues, mosey on over to Ingrid's site to view more of her work and for contact details!


Fiore Press said...

Tanya--these little penguins are so adorable! I especially like them as bookmars. And you are so lucky to be best friends with a photographer. :)

Fiore Press said...

of course I meant "bookmarks."

snap + tumble said...

hello Carmela - I am indeed lucky. It's a trade off, she'll be getting her own letterpress printed business cards soon :)

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