Thursday, 9 April 2009

i wear

I don't have the most ideal set up for my press at the moment. As it is, it's sitting on a table that's too high which has me reaching a bit. It's also on an angle so that I'm not standing right in front of it while printing. For now, its position is doable until I get a table at the right height. Also because it's at an angle, when I'm doing some modifications with the paper on the platen and leaning over, the baby hairs just above my forehead come into contact with the ink disc. Although ink colours can be pretty, it's not so good for the hair. So now I wear a bandana. It's now part of the printing process.


the haystack needle said...

that's a cute bandanna to be part of the printing uniform!

snap + tumble said...

oh my, it does wonders for me!

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