Sunday, 8 March 2009

heather + mike (part II)

When Heather contacted me about doing her wedding invitations, I was pretty excited about her ideas. She only wanted an A2 size (4.25x5.5") invitation, flat card, one colour with a cursive font. Letterpress printing strengths, in my opinion, lie in typography and sharp, clean lines. There were no images or a secondary colour to distract the reader. What resulted was an elegant wedding invitation that read like a casual postcard.


Unknown said...

This is the "Heather" of "Heather + Mike" reporting...we LOVE our invites! Tanya did such an amazing job - they are simple, elegant, and (as Martha Stewart described in the article where we got our inspiration from), "loaded with laid back charm". We might tie them with a thin piece of twine, and possibly sprinkle a bit of dried lavender in each envelope. Thank you, Tanya!

t a n y a said...

Heather - it was an extreme pleasure to work with you and to print your invitations. Sweet idea to embellish the invitations that way!

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