Wednesday, 25 February 2009

a good read

From the Globe and Mail Life Style page, columnist Karen von Hahn on handwritten letters:

As we all know, love letters, are the stuff of history. We read them for insight into historical events and clues into the lives of great men and women. But even the most mundane handwritten thank you note from a neighbour will be read and re-read in a way that an e-mail message simply never will. And when it comes to heartfelt love letters, well, not only do we cherish them, they are treasures for our kids to unearth and cry over when we're gone.

Quoting author Margaret Sheppard , 'Handwritten letters feel intensely personal, weaving together your ideas with the visual art of words colour, and texture. They offer unimpeachable evidence that you believe the reader, the message and the relationship are worth your time and attention.'


Jaime said...

Love the handwritten letter!

snap + tumble said...

hi j, I kinda have a crush on the whole package (envelope, stamps, paper, postage markings etc.)

Marina said...

How sad :(

snap + tumble said...

hi marina - thanks for posting that link...really interesting article and I agree...very sad. as if i didn't need any more convincing that there needs to be more handwritten letters in the mail these days!

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