Monday, 19 January 2009

shelley suite part II

I finally got my plates from Boxcar during the week which meant it was a busy weekend for me. So good to get back onto the press! A few weeks ago, I had printed up the envelopes for Shelley's wedding invitations. This past weekend, I got to print up her invitations! All went well with the Boxcar system (although, it still took me a while to centre and straighten everything up).

The idea for her invitation suite is to blind deboss the main titles, such as her and her fiance's names. This meant, passing the invitations twice through the press. Once for the blind embossing of the names, and second for the remainder of the text in a Pantone grey. Because you can cut the photopolymer plates, registration was a cinch! This was my first attempt at the system and I am hooked. There would have been no easier way to do this and I would not even try to imagine doing this with magnesium plates.

My base was pushed all the way to the top of the chase which would've hit the paper gripper and so I used a trusty rubber band to keep my paper in place and from making contact with the ink disc. I love how simple tools can make your life a whole lot easier!

Speaking of which, the card stock was situated so that I couldn't use my regular gauge pins without having them smash the base upon pressing. I picked up some sticky photo corners and they work like a charm!

Stay tuned next week for the printing of the maps!

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