Saturday, 27 December 2008

crafty holiday

I hope everyone is enjoying the season and losing all sense of time during the holidays like I am! Just wanted to post about some very cool gifts I received from my family.

First up is Lotta Jansdotter's book on printing. Her printed tote bags and potatoes stamp are so lovely and so simply done that I am now forced to take a sewing class. Once I get to printing on fabric, I'm going to need to sew it into something, anything...a pillowcase!

Next is Lena Corwin's Modern Guide to Printing by Hand. You see a pattern here, yes? I suppose my love of letterpress printing has opened my eyes to other forms of printing but I doubt anything will be able to replace my press!

Another book and a great source of inspiration! 1000 Greetings is a picture book of super greeting cards created by designers for their own company or for their clients. Flipping through the book, I got excited seeing all kinds of clever packaging and typography. Seeing as how my main work on the press are greeting cards, this resource was a must have for my bookshelf.

Not that my Holga kit will have anything to do with printing, but it still gets my creative juices flowing! I'm a complete medium-format novice and not knowing exactly what's on the exposed film is going to take some getting used to. But if I practice, experiment and play - I'm certain that I won't be disappointed with the results.

Happy crafty holidays, everyone!

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Rozi said...

Thank you for bring that book 1000 greetings to my attention, I love to see what designers do for themselves and for corporate clients, especially the structure of the designs. I shall look for it in my next design/art/inspiration book shopping trip.

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