Saturday, 18 October 2008


Today was the first time I had tried out the photopolymer plates. I haven't fallen in love with them but I'm really in like with them.

I had been using D-Limonene (Tri-Art) cleaner and regular vegetable oil for my clean up process. But since I was trying the Boxcar base and the photopolymer plates today, it was suggested by many that I use California Wash so as not to damage them. Considering that the items were a bit on the pricey side, I didn't want to take the chance at screwing anything up. So first thing I had to do was transfer some of the California Wash (I got delivered on Friday) into a small bottle. I couldn't very well use the wash straight out of the gallon can. To my horror, the wash smelled toxic! I suppose I should've expected that. But being used to harmless Canola oil and the orange scent of the D-Limonene, I was petrified of the new cleaner. If I'm going to use this stuff, I think I'll have to dilute it with 50% water.

I should've called it day right then.

But instead, I cut up my plate and placed it on the base. So far so good. I did a test print and liked the results, except for the residual ink that was being caught on the top of my plate.

I had anticipated limited placements of my gauge pins and had some make-shift place-holders on hand. They are like those sticky photo-corners you find in scrapbooks. So, no smashing the base over here.

I had some text on my plate and found a bit of trouble getting my cardstock to line up so that the "new year's cheer" was straight. Seemed that no matter how many times I moved my pins up or down, I just wasn't getting the copy straight. Very frustrating. And so, I split the text and image up into two. This part was actually liberating because you can't do that with magnesium plates.

In doing that, I decided that the card needed the same image printed again but in a different colour and position. Instead of having to move and lock up the forme, I just had to lift the plate and re-adjust on the base. Easy.

Another thing I like about the plate/base system is that I found very little bruising on the other side of the cardstock. I suppose that's because the photopolymer is much softer than the magnesium and gives some way under pressure. Yet, it still gives a nice impression on the paper!

I've got two more holiday plates to press with and looking forward to the results.


Anonymous said...

Oh those birdies are so super cute! Delivering your gifts with joy

who is this gal? said...

Yes! And the bubbles around the birdies make them look like they had a little champagne ;)

Anonymous said...

ha ha, that's right! Like drunken birdies, the perfect way to wish someone a happy holidays, peace in the new year

Bespoke Press said...

the joys of polymer! I couldn't imagine printing any other way now :) Your prints look great!

who is this gal? said...

thank you bespoke press! I did another round of printing with the polymer and I was quite happy with how it turned out - stay tuned for the next post.

Minh said...

Where did you get your califonia wash? Still waiting for my boxcare base and plates to get here, and I was also going to use the D-lim and oil to clean up. But if it's going to ruin the base and polymer, I guess I'll have to find the cali wash too. Oh, and also wanted to know where you get your paper, looks so nice!

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