Thursday, 4 September 2008

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Last year I mulled over the idea of getting the infamous Boxcar Base. I had (and am still) been using magnesium plates with wood backings. I haven't had any problems with printing from these plates whatsoever. So, why am I considering switching things up a little? Because - I'm a sucker for punishment and I live for dilemmas. If I get the Boxcar base, I'm sacrificing some space within my 5x8 chase. The recommended base size for my chase is 3.5 x 6.5. Tiny. But, they recommend with good reason - mainly so that my furniture, quoins and gauge pins will fit without screwing up the base, paper or print job. To add to the debacle, I may experience roller height issues. The last thing I want to do is fiddle with the press because I've got it just so that it prints perfectly with the mag plates. Argh.

What I'm intrigued about are the photopolymer plates themselves and the handy grid lines on the base. If anything can make registration easier, then I'm on it. That, and it seems as though everyone's got one of these already.

I posted on Briarpress to what other five-eighters are using and the one response I got was all I needed. He recommended that I go with the recommended. I'm not an expert, and so, if someone else who does this for a living was kind enough to take the time to respond to my question - I'm going to go with his advice especially since he's got experience with the 3.5x6.5 base.

I'm taking the plunge - Boxcar Base, here I come.

PS. If you're in the same predicament with the Boxcar base, or have any success/horror stories (specific to the size base I'm considering), I'd love to hear them.

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