Monday, 11 August 2008

what Pantone are you?

I'll read my horoscope from time to time, sure. So when I found Colorstrology, I couldn't help but click on my birth date. Apparently, I have an uncanny ability to build and persevere once I decide where I'm going in life. Letterpress, watch out, here I come! And, manifesting my ideas is an important part of my evolution. Hmm, I do like the immediate results I get from doing letterpress. As soon as the design is in my head, putting it into Illustrator just isn't enough. Gimme a plate already and I'm mixing colour (with the help of my trusty Pantone guide, of course) like nobody's business. Must have that print in hands!

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Bespoke Press said...

This is fabulous!! As an avid pantone fan - it was pretty spot on with my favourite dusty blues. Incredible!

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