Saturday, 15 December 2007

delayed updates

front window display of kid icarus

So just some updates today.

1. Last week I popped over to a great store in Kensington Market called Kid Icarus. One of the owners, Bianca, had come out to the City of Craft Fair and asked me about consignment. I was all too pleased about the opportunity! Bianca and her partner, Michael also house their own silk-screening workshop at the back of the store. It's a nice set up to not only see the work on display but the goings on behind it. This is the first store that snap&tumble has made it's appearance in! And I couldn't be happier than to be dealing with such nice and supportive people as the owners of the store.

2. You'll see on the top right hand of the page that the cards are on sale on Big Cartel. Handy little site that is.

3. The snap&tumble site is also updated with new information, specifically the custom pieces section.

It'll be another day of printing today. Good thing because we're expecting about 25 cm of snow over the course of the weekend. Stay indoors people!

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