Tuesday, 2 October 2007

magnesium plate

sneak peek of the image I chose for my first mag plate

I feel much better now having sent in my first order with Owosso Graphics. I think it's brilliant that they offer a free die to first time customers. I finally chose an image that can be used for any occasion and created the file in Illustrator. I followed the online order form instructions and found it to be pretty painless. Just to be sure, I also faxed in my order with a proof of copy of the image. And then to be completely anal about this - I called them and asked if I sent the order properly. I spoke with a Jackie and she was helpful in confirming my order and said that I did everything right. I can expect the plate to arrive in a week. Because my image/plate will be less than 30 square inches, I'll only have to pay for the UPS ground shipping. Sweet deal. Fingers crossed everyone!

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