Wednesday, 24 October 2007

the good kind of pms

Not sure how much more my credit card can take, but I've just ordered my first supply of rubber based inks from US Litho Supply. The colours of choice are Rubine Red, Yellow, Process Blue, Opaque White and Base Black. At least they offered free shipping over $50.

Up until now I've been using oil based ink and haven't been disappointed. But doing some research and seeing what other printers have been using I'm eager to try out the VanSon Rubber Base Plus inks.

I've grabbed a makeshift PMS (Pantone Matching System) guide to help me choose colours for future runs. US Litho Supply will supply PMS ink but that's a bit expensive. For now, I'll just test my mixing capabilites and use the guide to inspire me.

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Poppy Letterpress said...

I'm using oil based ink as well, and keen to hear about your experience with the rubber based when you try them.

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