Wednesday, 16 May 2007

a few impressions

I’ve been scouring the net for resources on letterpress. And some things came to mind. From Wikipedia:
Letterpress printing’s strengths are best crisp lines, pattern work, and/or typography.
No wonder I’m in love with all things letterpress. Letterpress has a definite following. It’s revival is getting some upswing in the States. Sadly it hasn’t picked up the momentum in Canada. There’s a handful of studios and artisians in Toronto But walk into any paper, cards and stationery store here and letterpress cards will be perched front and centre on shelves. This antique process is high end now a days…Hallmark’s got nothin’ on them. Ironic that most letterpress pieces are often referred to as ‘ephemera’. How can something so splendid and time-consuming to create be meant to last no more than a day? And it figures that I should have this innate calling to the press. It’s not a cheap hobby by any means. But with proper training, I’m hoping what comes out of it is priceless.

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